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Animal passport exhibition

A pet passport is required for the travel of dogs, cats and ferrets within the European Union. The document is issued by private veterinarians at the owners’ request.

A pet passport can only be issued to animals marked with a unique identifier (microchip) and vaccinated against rabies.

The rules of each member state regarding the entry of animals may differ, so it is advisable to inquire with the embassy of the given member state before traveling.

The animal’s microchip and passport number can also be found in an internet database. The authorities can randomly check the authenticity of the data and the availability of the rabies vaccine.

Animal passport exhibition

Traveling abroad with your pet?

You don’t have a pet passport yet, maybe you don’t know if the document is valid?

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Internal medicine care

At Szent Bernát, we take care of the digestive, respiratory, excretory, locomotor, nervous, hormonal, immune system, etc. – thorough examination and medical treatment of animals suffering from diseases.

Diagnostics is supported by imaging equipment – digital X-ray, rigid endoscope, and ultrasound.

At Szent Bernát, we have a special blood pressure measuring device, a blood analysis instrument that enables quick diagnostics, and a number of serological rapid tests.

With these tools, the diagnosis of quite a few diseases can be established extremely quickly.

Internal medicine instrument

Measuring instrument for internal medicine

Our laboratory samples (blood, urine, cytology, histology, microbiological samples) are processed by the staff of leading external laboratories, with whom we have a daily working relationship.

Laboratory sample

Our staff will forward the findings to the e-mail address provided by the owner within a short period of time.

For patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, thyroid diseases, adrenal hyperfunction) regular control is provided.

In our hospital cages, which meet all needs, it is possible to accommodate patients who are in serious condition or require several days of medical treatment.

Animal cage

Euthanasia, cremation of small animals

If, for the animal, existence already involves significant pain and a significant deterioration in the quality of life, and there is no realistic chance for the patient’s condition to improve, it is our duty to save him from unnecessary and senseless suffering.

During euthanasia, patients are first given an anesthetic injection, which creates surgical anesthesia.

The second injection – which ends life – is given to the sleeping patient – absolutely painless.

Our employees perform euthanasia only in professionally justified cases, we do not undertake the euthanasia of healthy animals or animals suffering from curable diseases!!!

Our veterinary clinic undertakes to transport the carcasses of euthanized animals in accordance with the owner’s request.

Individual cremation is also possible, in which case the ashes of your loved one will be handed over to the owner in a closed urn.


Dental care

At Szent Bernát, we provide dental care for dogs and cats.

The most common problem affecting almost most middle-aged and older dogs and cats is tartarism. Tartarism is not only an aesthetic problem, but can also be the starting point of serious internal medicine diseases.

More about calculus

In addition, dental disorders are common, especially in small dogs. Baby teeth do not fall out of place, but remain in the oral cavity and cause tooth congestion. Crowded teeth deteriorate more easily, and their removal is justified both from an aesthetic and medical point of view.

Dental care

A milk tooth that hasn’t fallen out

Abscess formation at the tip of the tooth roots is also a common problem – especially in older dogs. Primarily the canines and back molars may be affected. In this case, the removal of the affected tooth may be justified.

The care of dental patients is supported by a modern ultrasonic depurator, diagnostic X-rays, and numerous oral surgery devices.

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Home patient care, patient transport

There are simpler interventions, e.g. administration of a vaccination, patient examination, deworming, which can also be done at the owner’s home.

For dogs that are not used to leashes or cars, the solution is that our colleagues also undertake home patient care upon request.

If the situation so requires, – we can arrange for the patient to be transported to the clinic or transported home, e.g. after a surgical intervention.

Animal transport

Your pet can’t ride on a leash, or maybe doesn’t like traveling in a car?

Would you like to transport your dog in your own car?

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Microchip implantation and registration

The microchip – also known as a transponder – is the size and shape of a grain of rice, and has a tissue-friendly coating
passive electronic device.



There is no electricity in it, it is not harmful to the life or health of the animals in any way.

How does it work?

The veterinarian inserts the microchip into the mark using a dedicated applicator
under the skin of the desired animal (in Europe under the skin of the neck on the left side).

The chip reader can be used to read the unique serial number of the chip, which is a string of 15 characters.

This number and the corresponding animal and owner data are recorded by the veterinarian on an Internet
in the database (

This makes it possible to read the chip number of a lost animal from the internet database
the owner’s data can be retrieved and the owner of the stranded dog can be notified.


It is very important that the database contains up-to-date data, so if there is a change in your home address, telephone number or email address, notify your veterinarian, who will correct the data in the internet database!

The marking of dogs with microchips has been required by law in Hungary since 2012. Inserting the chip is a veterinarian’s task. A dog without a chip cannot be vaccinated against rabies according to the law!

Marking cats is optional, but definitely recommended!


  • The chip is not suitable for determining the location of the animal, it is not GPS!
  • The chip has neither electricity nor battery, so it will not “discharge” over the years.
  • The chip does not cause cancer in the animal, it is completely tissue-friendly.

X-ray and ultrasound diagnostics

At Szent Bernát, top-quality digital X-rays support the diagnostic work. Digital X-rays have several advantages over the traditional film process:

  • Environmentally friendly, does not use harmful chemicals.
  • Extremely fast, the image can be viewed on the monitor 1-2 minutes after exposure.
  • It is much more detailed than recordings made with the traditional method.
  • Measurements can be made on the recordings, facilitating an even more accurate diagnosis.
  • The recordings can be immediately written to a CD or forwarded to the owner by e-mail.

X-ray is one of the most useful additional examination methods. It is suitable for examining the chest and abdominal organs. It provides a great help in finding out the diseases of most organs. Indispensable in traumatological and orthopedic diagnostics.

With the high-performance digital X-ray in our veterinary clinic, we are able to x-ray patients of any size and weight, from miniature hedgehogs to St. Bernards.

Does X-ray exposure present any danger to the patient or the care staff?

The device is regularly serviced and registered with the National Atomic Energy Agency.

The amount of scattered radiation is negligible, despite this, the staff performing the tests always wear personal protective equipment (lead apron, lead gloves, glasses, thyroid protector) in accordance with the provisions of our Radiation Protection Regulations.

The test is not harmful to the patients in any way.

For comparison: A human CT scan takes approx. It means radiation exposure to the body equivalent to 100 x-rays.

Ultrasound examinations

X-ray and ultrasound are very good complements to each other. With the help of the ultrasound device, the shape, size and relative position of the abdominal organs can be examined. Pregnancy is an essential aid in diagnostics.


Obstetrics and reproductive biology care

The following obstetric and reproductive biology services are available at Szent Bernát:

  • Sterilizations for male and female animals. More: Sterilization (Special : We also undertake sterilization of pigs!)
  • Cycle diagnosis – determining the time of mating
  • Artificial insemination for dogs
  • Pregnancy test with ultrasound
  • Termination of an unwanted pregnancy with a hormone preparation
  • Calving assistance – on demand in your home
  • Caesarean section for dogs, cats, pigs
  • Surgical treatment of purulent uterine inflammation
  • Surgical treatment of breast tumors