Clinic equipment

Szent Bernát

The instrument park and equipment in Szent Bernát are above average.

We do not list the tools and instruments that can be found in most veterinary clinics, but rather only those that are not found in many clinics.

Digital x-ray

With high-performance digital X-rays, detailed images can be taken of animals of any size, from hedgehogs to Saint Bernards.

All this in minutes, without chemicals – in an environmentally friendly way. The completed recordings are immediately forwarded to the specified e-mail address or given to the owner on a CD according to his wishes.


The device is suitable for examining the size and shape of abdominal organs. Indispensable help in determining pregnancy.

Video otoscope

A camera that can be connected to a computer, with which the external auditory canal of animals can be examined at high magnification. During the examination, the owner can see the status of his pet’s ear canal “live”. Photos and videos can also be taken, which will be forwarded to the owner’s e-mail address upon request.

Vacuum ear washing equipment

It is suitable for medicated flushing of the ear canal of anesthetized animals. This way, the patient’s ear canal can be cleaned much more precisely than with other devices. It is an essential tool for otology.

Soft laser

In our practice, we also use two soft laser devices with different performance. It is primarily used for the treatment of large or difficult-to-heal open wounds, but it is also suitable for immune stimulation and improving blood circulation.

We also act as a representative of the (Hungarian!) manufacturer, so we also distribute the devices to interested parties. It is very easy to use, it is also suitable for health protection and healing of the owners!

If you would like to buy a soft laser device for yourself or your family members, contact us at our contact details!


Blood analyzer

With this device, we get results on the patient’s most important blood parameters in minutes. In this way, the patient’s condition and prognosis can be established almost immediately. The device uses the latest technology and is only available here in the country.

Surgical protective equipment

The sleep of anesthetized patients becomes much safer with its use.

It measures the blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation of anesthetized patients. It greatly increases the safety of surgeries.

In addition to the tools listed, there are quite a few instruments and devices that help our work.

Everything is about ensuring that your pet is as safe as possible with us and that we can provide it to the highest standard.


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