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Open hours:

Week days: 9-19

Saturday: 9-12

Sunday: 16-19




Kisfaludy utca 55/a

Weekend on-call:

Weekend on-call:

2022. 12.03., 2022.12.04.:

Dr. Zöldi Tamás, phone: 06 30 200 9988

Can be called from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

24-hour veterinary service:

Budapesti Állatkórház 1135. Bp. Lehel út 43.




Now on sale:

December sale:

In December, a gift awaits the cats and dogs that come to us:

The details:

Along with the combined rabies vaccination for dogs and the combined leukosis vaccination for cats, we will give you the dewormer as a GIFT!!!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are approaching.

It’s hard to resist pleading looks across the table. If we were tempted and gave more or unusual things to our pets, it could easily cause an upset stomach.

In our online store at you can get your pet’s digestive products with a 10% discount.

Click here to find them

Think in time for the noisy days of New Year’s Eve. Protect your pet from noise with our natural-based tranquilizers, which you can find here.

Your pet also deserves the best!









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