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Weekend on-call:

 Weekend on-call:

2022. 12.03., 2022.12.04.:

Dr. Zöldi Tamás, phone: 06 30 200 9988

Can be called from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

24-hour veterinary service:

Budapesti Állatkórház 1135. Bp. Lehel út 43.




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The professional background of the Petcare web store is provided by veterinarians with decades of experience.

We saw a lot, experienced a lot. We know exactly what a healthy dog and a cat with an illness need.

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Week days: 9-19

Saturday: 9-12

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Kisfaludy utca 55/a

You should choose us because…


Because in Szent Bernát, professionals with decades of experience deal with your pet.


Because several veterinarians order at the same time, you do not have to wait long.


Because here everything – BUT REALLY EVERYTHING – is about your pet receiving the best possible care.


Because Szent Bernát is committed to the cause of animal and environmental protection – our foundation treats hundreds of homeless animals for free every year.


Because at our clinics, veterinarians with special knowledge ensure the highest professional standards.


Because our equipment and conditions are XXI. centuries, so your pet receives the most modern care.

If you want to do everything for your pet’s recovery – choose us!


Szénási Helga

We have been going to Dr. Zöldi and his colleagues’ surgery with our pets for nearly 20 years. In every case, they willingly helped! We have been through many surgeries successfully with my dogs in recent years. They are very kind, patient, helpful, and treat the animals with great expertise and care! The office environment is clean and friendly.

I appreciate their work and wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone!

Szénási Helga
Dr. Váradi Zsuzsanna

The oldest patient of the Szent Bernát Pet Ambulance is my 19-year-old puppy. Over the years, I can only report good experiences, so I can only recommend it to everyone. The correct and heart-felt medical care, helpfulness outside of business hours, if there is a problem, only confirmed that even though I moved far away, I will return to them, because they are irreplaceable. During our many problems (torn knee ligament, Cushing’s syndrome, accident), we always received the best care.

Dr. Váradi Zsuzsanna
Bartha Barbara

I found a dog that had been hit, and after a lot of phone calls, it was the first (!!!) place where they told me to take it, they would examine it, and treat it. Veterinarians, animal hospitals, and clinics said blindly that the young animal must be euthanized because it is not worth treating if it has a fracture. I consider the extraordinary attitude, helpfulness and humanity of the people working at the St. Bernard ambulance to be unique, I am glad that I found them and it is reassuring to know that they all want to do something, help and heal.

Bartha Barbara
Dr. Nagy Géza & Dr. Nagyné Bolla Mária

We are very satisfied with the Szent Bernát Veterinary Clinic, and we strongly recommend its services to everyone. We have three cats, who are regularly vaccinated, and any illnesses or accidents are treated quickly and efficiently. The doctors and assistants are real animal lovers, so even our little pets trust them 100% and cooperate with them. It is a great comfort for us that such a professional and kind team takes care of our little friends.

Dr. Nagy Géza & Dr. Nagyné Bolla Mária
Marosi Ádám

Szent bernát can be counted on when it comes to my favorite animals. The doctors are kind, helpful, and do everything for my four-legged family members. The equipment, cleanliness and conditions are also very good. I’ve been coming here with my favorites for many years.

Marosi Ádám
World champion pentathlon, Budapest
Kovács Veronika

I have been keeping hunting ferrets for more than 10 years, from the beginning I take them to Szent Bernát if necessary. Thanks to Dr. Zöldi’s high level of knowledge and experience, I know that the ferrets receive appropriate care and treatment. In addition to ferrets, I also have dogs and cats, they are also patients of Szent Bernát. I can only recommend the clinic to everyone, because the excellent veterinarians treat small pets in a family atmosphere.

Kovács Veronika
Czinege Orsolya and his family

The “four-legged members” of the family have been treated at the Szent Bernát Pestimre Pet Clinic since 2008. I strongly recommend it to others if they want to know that their sick pet is in the best hands. Well-trained doctors and assistants work in the hospital, they have modern instruments, and they treat pets to a high standard every day of the week. I am satisfied with the services they provide and their conscientious work, because my pets always receive professional care.

Czinege Orsolya and his family
Ambrózy Márk and Alexandra

For 9 years, Dr. Zöldi and his team have been taking care of our dogs’ health, for which we cannot be grateful enough! All requests, questions and problems are answered/solved with maximum professionalism and humility. We had the opportunity to experience with four dogs, whether it was a general examination, orthopedic problem, urgent intervention or even babesia. And the most important thing is that they always treat both the animals and the owners with love. We dare to recommend it to everyone!

Ambrózy Márk and Alexandra
Csaplár Etelka

We have been going to the clinic for more than 10 years now with Mazsola (little girl from Palotapincs), and with her daughters Tücsi and Csillag since their birth. We can thank Doctor Zöldi for giving birth. Since then, we usually come for examination with three dogs. Our dogs always receive professional care, and we are warmly welcomed in the surgery.

Csaplár Etelka

Our vets

Dr. Zöldi Tamás


“I try to give every patient the best of myself for their recovery, and I expect the same from my colleagues.”

Dr. Berta Krisztián


“My childhood dream was fulfilled by being able to heal animals, and from then on, work became a hobby for me as well.”

Dr. Keszthelyi Boglárka


“It’s a great feeling to see my cured little patients again, I love my job!”.

Dr. Velovics József


“There is nothing more beautiful than seeing my sick patients leave cheerfully and cured”

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