Are our home remedies suitable for pets?

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Many preparations often used in human medicine behave quite differently in our pets.

The alimentary canal of dogs and cats – being carnivorous animals – is significantly shorter than that of humans, which changes the absorption of many drugs from the intestinal canal.

At the same time, animals do not have an adequate set of enzymes to break down certain drugs, the administration of such preparations can result in serious drug poisoning.

At the same time, the dose of individual medicines can be quite different for humans or dogs.

What you should definitely not do:

Many owners, with the best intentions, give their pets self-proven fever and pain relievers.

Almost all of these have more or less stomach-irritating side effects, in severe cases, even gastric bleeding or gastric perforation may develop.

Among these preparations, preparations containing the active ingredient paracetamol should also be highlighted, e.g. Rubophen or Panadol tablets.

Neither the dog nor the cat can break down paracetamol, so giving such products is strictly FORBIDDEN!

Half a grain of 500 mg Rubofen is a lethal dose for a cat!

In the case of unprofessional medication administration, the underlying disease of the animal is often no longer the determining factor, but the signs of drug poisoning dominate and require treatment.

It is also a common problem that owners administer antibiotics to dogs and cats prescribed by the family doctor.

Many people wrongly call these preparations “anti-inflammatory”, although they do not alleviate the phenomena of inflammation, but act on the bacteria that cause inflammation.

Their use requires great care and expertise, antibiotics used in the wrong dose and for a long time do more harm than good.

In the medical treatment of a specific disease, the key to successful therapy is an accurate and professional diagnosis. In the absence of a diagnosis, the effectiveness of administered medication is left to blind luck.

What is the solution?

The smartest thing to do is consult your veterinarian before using any home remedies.

Improper medication administration can lead to serious, even fatal, poisoning of the animal.

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