Regular deworming of kittens is important not only for our pet’s health, but also for your own health (the people living around the kittens).

How do we get started?

The kittens that are born should ideally be dewormed for the first time at the age of 3 weeks, which should be repeated 3-4 times every two weeks.

After that, deworming is recommended every 3 months – also for adult cats.

Which product should we use?

For the deworming of small animals and kittens, the tablet preparation in paste form is recommended for adult cats.

It’s important to know that most cats are not fans of oral medication. They are able to “honor” the attempt to administer medication by scratching and biting.

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For them, an anthelmintic liquid that can be dripped on the neck can be a solution, which is just as effective as oral medications.

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If we are absolutely not happy with worming at home, we definitely ask for the help of a veterinarian.

Does the pathogen of heartworm endanger cats?

The complete development cycle of the heartworm pathogen (Dirofilaria immitis) takes place only very rarely in cats. For this reason, heartworm disease in cats is quite rare, but cannot be ruled out. For this reason, it is recommended to regularly screen cats for heartworms. Also, in cats showing symptoms of heart disease, the presence of heartworms must be ruled out.

Fortunately, there are pills or spot on preparations that effectively prevent the development of heartworms in cats.

What do fleas have to do with intestinal worms in cats?

Fleas are intermediate hosts of one species of tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum) common in cats.

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If the cat has fleas, it can swallow the fleas and the parasitic larvae inside its fur during grooming.

Therefore, flea control and deworming are both very important for kittens.

It is important to know that this species of tapeworm is zoonotic, i.e. it can also settle in humans. Children and people with weakened immune systems are particularly at risk of infection.

How can we prevent people from becoming infected?

Let’s give our cat an anthelmintic preparation against internal parasites every three months and ensure regular and continuous flea control!

Our veterinarians will help you develop a safe deworming protocol.

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