Dr. Berta Krisztián – veterinarian

Dr. Berta Krisztián

Dr. Berta Krisztián

veterinarian, pigeon specialist

My professional area of interest::

  • Pathological diagnosis
  • Pigeons
  • Animal health issues for pigeons


About Dr. Berta Krisztián:

He graduated from the University of Veterinary Medicine in 2000.

In the year following his graduation, he worked at the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Veterinary Medicine.

He has an intermediate language exam in Latin.

In 2004, he completed the Pigeon Health Specialist training of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber.

He is the author of several informative articles on pigeon health.

In 2019, he obtained a degree in poultry specialist veterinary medicine.

His professional area of interest is the animal health problems of birds, primarily pigeons.

He is the head of the poultry health department operating in Szent Bernát.


“My childhood dream was fulfilled by being able to heal animals, and from then on, work became a hobby for me as well.”

If there are animal health problems in the poultry (pigeon) flock under your supervision, feel free to contact Dr. Krisztián Berta!

Information and registration:


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