Hospital placement

There are situations when it is recommended and advisable to hospitalize your pet.

We know that the hospital is a necessary evil, nobody wants to be hospitalized.

But if it is in the patient’s interest, it must be done.

In Szent Bernát, a line of top-quality stainless steel cages ensures maximum comfort and hygiene for pets.

A disinfected litter tray and cat bed are available for cats. Upon request, it is also possible to place its own transport box or sleeping nest, if the kitten feels really safe there.

When is hospitalization necessary?

If your pet is in a serious condition, or the course of the disease justifies multiple daily treatments or infusions, it is better if all this is done in hospital conditions.

What are the benefits of hospitalization?

  • It saves the animal from the fatigue of going to the hospital several times a day, and the stress caused by travel.
  • It spares the owner from standing in line and transporting the patient several times, thereby saving time.

After operations, our operated patients recover in maximum cleanliness and under medical supervision.

As a rule, our hospital patients receive high-quality dry food during their care, but of course it is also possible to meet individual nutritional needs.

If necessary, they receive a special diet suitable for their illness from the Royal Canin product range.

Hospitalization will be recommended by the treating veterinarian if necessary.


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