• Injuries from a fight
  • Problems due to wandering
  • Car accident
  • Poisonings
  • Uncurable viral infections spread through mating
  • Furniture and fixtures with a smell of smut

If you want to avoid any of the problems listed above, it is:

Sterilization is the solution!

Sterilized tom-cats:

  • they don’t screw around
  • more relaxed
  • the aggressiveness shown towards their peers decreases.
  • They are free from viral infections spread by mating (feline AIDS and leukosis).
  • Objects will no longer be marked with urine, so there will be no more penetrating “smell” in the apartment.

Neutering is also important from an animal protection point of view, as it can reduce the unwanted reproduction of cats, and neutered kittens are also healthier, as they are free from a host of problems.

Another advantage is that neutered tom-cats are more caring and friendlier to their owners.

Kandúr macska ivartalanítás után

How is the sterilization of tom-cats carried out?

The neutering surgery for tom-cats is a simple surgical procedure that is performed under anesthesia.

Its essence is the removal of the hormone-producing organs, i.e. the testicles, through a tiny skin incision.

The whole thing only takes a few minutes, you can wait. No sutures are removed, no after-treatment is necessary, so there is no need to bring the kittens back.

When can the surgery be performed?

Practically at any time, but due to full physical development, we recommend reaching puberty (age 6-8 months).

Can the surgery have harmful consequences?

Due to changes in metabolism, neutered kittens become more prone to obesity. This problem can be easily eliminated with professional nutrition. We also distribute foods that help in the fight against obesity.

Spaying can also be seen as an investment, since after a one-time investment, the kitten will benefit from the benefits of the operation for the rest of its life. It doesn’t fight, it doesn’t screw around, it doesn’t mate – so it’s much less likely to get hurt or sick. In this way, the veterinary costs for the kitten can be reduced.

If your tom-cat is not yet neutered, it is definitely recommended to have the surgery performed.

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