Surgeries at Szent Bernát

Keeping pets

We always examine the patient before the interventions.

The health assessment is free, it is included in the price of the operation!

If necessary, we recommend additional tests (laboratory tests, abdominal and heart ultrasound).

The vast majority of operations are performed under anesthesia, a small number under local anesthesia.

Patients come to us after 6-8 hours of fasting.

Before surgery, an accurate weight measurement and another thorough clinical examination are performed.


 Preoperative clinical examination

The preparation (connection of infusion, shaving of the surgical area) takes place in a separate room.

Preparation for surgery

The sleeping, prepared patient is brought into the operating room.

Our operating table can be heated, which is especially important when anesthetizing small animals, as they are more at risk of cooling off.

Patients receive oxygen during surgery, and a special colleague takes care of their sleep.

We use instruments to monitor the patients’ sleep while they sleep, and we strive for maximum safety during the intervention.

Surgery during sleep check

The surgical wound is protected with a collar or a surgical gown according to the owner’s wishes.

Female kitten with collar after spaying

Dog after surgery in clothes

After surgery, the patient who is already awake is sent home to the owner.

The owners can park directly in front of the entrance, we are happy to help place the operated patient in the car.

All operated patients are provided with pain relievers, thus avoiding unnecessary pain. In justified cases, a few days of antibiotics may be necessary.

Sutures are usually removed 10-12 days after the intervention. takes place on

Suture removal is free, it is included in the price of the operation.

Surgery in Saint Bernard

We can assure you that at St. Bernard we will do everything possible to ensure that your pet receives the greatest possible attention during the operation and that the intervention is performed in premium conditions.

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