The importance of additional tests

Keeping pets

The past decade has brought significant quality improvement in the medicine of pets. More and more tools and test methods help the work of veterinarians working in veterinary clinics where fungi multiply.

X-ray equipment, EKG, ultrasound and laboratory equipment have become indispensable elements of diagnostic and healing work.

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Today, it would make us smile if we pronounced the correct diagnosis of a sick animal with a stethoscope in our hands like a great white wizard. Don’t get me wrong! The detailed patient examination, which we perform with our two hands and our senses, as well as the thorough observation of the animal, is and must remain a fundamental and indispensable part of the diagnostic work.
There are small animal diseases whose diagnosis does not require any additional tests due to the characteristic symptoms, but in many cases it is essential to carry out certain tests in order to establish a correct diagnosis.

Let’s look at an example: it is a common case that vomiting occurs in an animal. Vomiting can be a symptom of many diseases. Without claiming to be exhaustive: inflammation of the throat, inflammation of the stomach and intestines, inflammation of the pancreas, intestinal obstruction, stomach ulcer, presence of foreign objects in the stomach, kidney failure, etc.

In such cases, intestinal obstruction can be ruled out with X-rays and abdominal ultrasound, and a lot of information can be gathered with blood tests, for example about the condition of the kidneys. Countless tests can be performed on the blood, the condition of most internal organs can be deduced by examining the appropriate parameters, and even screening tests for infectious diseases and allergy tests can be performed on the blood.

Are these additional tests expensive?
Unfortunately, since animals are not covered by social security, these tests have to be paid full price, which is sometimes quite a lot. In fact, it is often not expensive to carry out the test, consider that in the case of a dehydrated, emaciated dog suffering from chronic kidney failure, the seriousness of the animal’s condition can be judged from a blood test, and based on these, the attending physician can decide in favor of euthanasia in justified cases, thus saving the owner some of the animal’s life daily medical treatment costs, not to mention the unnecessary suffering caused to the animal.

It is already possible to have special tests performed in certain centers. We can also request CT, MR and isotopic (scintigraphic) examinations of our pet in justified cases.

The diagnostic equipment park is also constantly developing in St. Bernát. The work of veterinarians is supported by state-of-the-art digital X-rays, ultrasounds, laboratory devices that provide immediate results, microscopes and countless other useful tools.

Testing methods are constantly developing, and more and more of the procedures known in human medicine are being used in small animal medicine. These are extremely useful help in curing our pets, let’s take advantage of the opportunities!



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