The suggestion in the title is caused by dog attacks that have become more frequent in recent years.

Are there really more and more dog bites or are reports of dog attacks only coming to light due to increased media interest?

Causes of the problem

It is a fact that compared to the Western European average, the number of fleas per 100 inhabitants is much higher in Hungary and the proportion of so-called watchdog breeds in the dog population is much higher.

Deteriorating public safety in the years following the regime change led more and more people to use dogs to protect their property and their own safety.

Accordingly, the Rottweiler, Caucasian Shepherd, Yugoslav Wolfhound, German Shepherd, Staffordshire Terrier and other watchdog breeds have become more and more popular.

Yes, but keeping these hard-charactered, characterful dogs requires some expertise and training, in some countries their keeping is subject to an exam, just like firearms.

Anyone can hold such an event with us. The trouble usually occurs when the inexperienced owner does not recognize the first signs of danger, or does not react properly to the dog’s reactions.

What should we pay attention to?

This is a sign, for example, when the adolescent dog growls at its approaching owner, fearing its bone or food, indicating “Don’t go any further, don’t approach, because it will be bad!” If the owner leaves it to him, for the dog the the lesson will be: “Look, look, he’s afraid of me, he does what I tell him to do.”

The dog no longer respects its owner or its family members as a pack leader, and the danger of being bitten unfortunately exists at any time if something happens that the dog does not like.

The victims of these bites are mostly children or old, helpless people who do not recognize the dog’s signals and possible warning growls in time.

I would like to emphasize that it is not only guardian-protective breeds that can bite, any ill-bred, undisciplined dog can be expected to bite, from dachshunds to spaniels to chihuahuas!

What is the solution?

Let’s be careful when choosing a breed, realistically assess our own mental makeup, our knowledge about dogs, the attitude of our family members, and how much time we will have to deal with the new puppy!

If in doubt, consult with specialists, the opinion of a veterinarian, breeder, dog trainer can help you make a decision.

For “First dog owner” a more pious breed is advisable, bitches within the breed are usually easier to handle.

If we experience aggressiveness on the part of the dog, do not wait until there is a possible serious injury, but consult a trainer or visit a dog school, where a specialist will help you tame your unruly dog.