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A veterinarian who is intimately familiar with the animal health problems of birds and undertakes their treatment is a rare bird in the capital. 🙂

Dr. Berta Krisztián, specialist in poultry health, pigeon specialist veterinarian of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber, is one of these few veterinarians.

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Dr. Berta Krisztián

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In our surgery, there is a way to provide special care for poultry!

Individual patient examination:

The alpha and omega of a correct diagnosis is a thorough patient examination. In many cases, many conclusions can be drawn by holding the bird. Fluffy feathers contaminated with intestinal mud indicate diarrhea, the condition of the bird can be inferred from the development and fullness of the pectoral muscles, external parasites are often found in the plumage. So taking the bird in hand and thoroughly examining it is the starting point for all diagnoses.


In addition to the physical examination, we undertake the following additional examinations:

X-ray examination:

An X-ray examination is essential to assess the presence of bone fractures, projectiles, egg retention or tumors. The most modern, high-resolution digital X-ray equipment operates in Szent Bernát, which can be used to assess changes in small birds with great certainty.

Blood tests:

Certain diseases require a blood test. The blood samples are processed by one of Hungary’s leading veterinary laboratories.

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Pathological and histopathological examinations:

Most of the time, birds are not kept individually, but in flocks, so diseases also occur at flock level. In such cases, unfortunately, it is sometimes essential that the pathological and histopathological diagnosis of dead or very ill individuals reveal the nature of the disease. This way we can help the other individuals of the herd.

Microbiological tests:

Microbiological examination of faeces, pharyngeal secretions, and body cavities is often essential for establishing a diagnosis.

 Mikrobiológiai vizsgálat

Our other services for pigeon fanciers:

Animal pharmacy:

There are more than 600 types of medicines and nutritional supplements in our product range, designed according to the special needs of pigeon lofts. You can buy a large selection of vaccines, antibiotics, vitamin preparations, anthelmintics and performance enhancers in our pharmacy.

For those who cannot get to us, we deliver the desired product within a day with our courier service!

Stock diagnostics and specialist advice:

We look at the animal health, housing and feeding problems affecting pigeon flocks in a complex way and offer a unique solution for every pigeon fancier. If necessary, we also carry out an on-site inspection.

This is often the only way to uncover the root of the problems. (A drafty, damp pigeon loft, lack of cleaning, and the presence of rodents can ruin the pigeon fancier’s years of work).

Madár állománydiagnosztika

Surgical care:

The need for unique surgical care arises primarily in the case of birds of high breeding value and racing pigeons. The gas anesthesia machine, heating pad, breathing monitor, many injectable anesthetics and many other tools are available in the operating room, making it possible to perform even complicated operations.

Injuries, rupture of the brain, removal of tumors make up the vast majority of our surgical cases.



If you have animal health problems with your birds, you are in the right place in Szent Bernát!




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